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Toxin Drop Logo
~An Enlightening Metaphysical Journey Back to Source~

"A Game for the Whole Family! Kids Love this Game."

As important as it is to look after our Physical Body.

It is Equally Important to Heal our Mind and Spirit to create the Perfect Balance Nature Intended.

Logois an exciting new board game that includes:
  • Detoxification Cleanse
  • Meditation to Alleviate Stress
  • Activation of the Chakras to Stabilise the Energy Paths
  •  Ascension into Higher States of Consciousness
  • The Return to Source
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A Game for the Whole Family. Grab your copy of Toxin Drop Today.

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Toxin Drop® Contents:
  • 257 Playing Cards in 5 Decks
  • Instructions
  • Game Board
  • Game Tokens
MeditatorSacred GeometryDove

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Toxin Drop© Explained



Game Explanation and Videos

Toxin Drop® is made up of the following 5 Decks

Toxic RearCleanse RearAwaken RearActivate RearAscend Rear
Players Begin with a Toxic Overload
Players of the board game, Toxin Drop®, will begin with a toxic system represented by toxic cards.

The Toxic Cards are in three categories: Personal, Intake and System

Toxic Cosmetic CardChemical ToxicSkeletal Toxic Cards
How often do we think about the ingredients in our toothpaste?
Our body can absorb the contents in our mouth at an astounding rate.

What about our soap and shampoo?
Does it contain Sodium Laureth Sulphate?

How safe are the ingredients in our food?
Can we identify the harmful ingredients in our products?

Anxiety, stress, depression, fatigue, environmental toxins and additives to our food can cause disease and premature aging. We live in a world of radiation, pollution, harmful chemicals, sodium lauryl sulfate, msg, nicotine, pills, drugs, synthetic vitamins and the list goes on. This creates a surplus of free radicals attacking our cells and developing of toxic overload that can cause cancer, gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, toxaemia, obesity, and many other complications.

Detoxification - The Cleanse Begins

Detoxification is the elimination of toxins that have built up over many years of unhealthy choices. Players of Toxin Drop® will exchange Toxic Cards for Cleanse Cards, as they learn to select food and personal care products containing healthier ingredients and safer alternatives.

Some Examples of Cleanse Cards

Cleanse Barley CardCleanse Card CosmeticsCardiovascular Cleanse Card

The human system needs to maintain a correct pH (acid alkaline balance) for improved health.
Unprocessed living food, such as barley grass, alfalfa, chlorella, spiralina, herbs and vegetable juicing will energise the system by eliminating toxins and provide antioxidants needed to assist the body in the cleansing and purification p
rocess. Feed the Body Living Food.

A detox can boost the metabolism to help lose weight, strengthen the lymphatic immune system, improve skin elasticity and increase longevity. Holistic detox therapies may include fasting, herbal cleansing diets, a liver flush such as citrus, or a colon cleanse depending on the needs and the practitioner. Detoxification can be assisted by adding Superfoods to your diet. Better health however, involves more than just healing the physical body and the removal of toxins. Therefore, to complete the game, Toxin Drop®, players will learn to heal the body, mind and spirit.


~There's More to Reality than we Thought~

The awakening, commonly referred to as new age, is the realisation that there is more to life than just the physical 3D realm. Some people believe a person can awaken whenever they choose through Meditation, Activating the Merkaba, Lucid Dreaming, or Receiving Channeled Messages from, Guides, Angels or Ascended Masters. Toxin Drop® includes supernatural themes; such as channelled messages, meditation, pranic deep breathing, visualisation to activate the pineal gland, increasing psychic ability such as telepathy, psychedelic trance, lucid dreaming and astral projection into supernatural realms.
Astral Travel CardAlchemy CardCard MerkabaMandala CardTelepathy CardSacred Geometry CardChanneled Message Card
 These and many other cards are included in the game representing the messages and instruments used to awaken and activate the individual and to assist the journey through altered states of consciousness back to source (ascension).


While becoming awakened, players will also undergo activation.
Cuides Card 4Guides Card
Guide Cards collected will activate a players root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras, raising the Kundalini
by moving each players game token on the Toxin Drop® Board. This will increase the players Cosmic Light collected during Detox.
Toxin Drop® includes Quantum Physics and the Metaphysical.
The game includes the merkaba, mandala, alchemy, gemstones, orgone, ormus, monoatomic (white powder) gold, sacred geometry, yin and yang, invocation, shamanism and spiritualism.
Orgone CardOrmus CardWhite Gold Card

The process of spiritual enlightenment, an awakening of the mind, body and soul of an individual and the return to full consciousness will lead to Ascension. Ascension is the moving into higher Dimensions from our present 3rd Density Physical World.
With enough cosmic light, players will ascend through the Physical, Astral, Mental, Buddhic, Atmic, Anupadaka and Adi etheric planes returning to source.

Physical CardAdi Card



Instructional Videos

01 Opening Toxin Drop

02 Opening Card Box

03 Separating the Toxic Pack

04 Preparing the Toxic Cards for Dealing

05 Dealing the Toxic Cards

Players of Toxin Drop® will...
  • Identify Harmful Ingredients in Products
  • Select Alternative Products Containing Healthier Ingredients
  • Activate the Chakras by Raising the Kundalini
  • Ascend into Higher Etheric Planes
  • Return to Source
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A board game with a difference
Unlike most board games, moving the game tokens on the board does not require dice.
Toxin Drop® is Fun, Challenging and Educational and will suit both children (7+) and adults.
With Toxin Drop® your Go An Ah enjoy an Extraordinary Adventure of Holistic Healing and Spiritual Wellbeing.

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Toxin Drop Explained and Instructional Videos

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